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Written or oral communication of the source-language to the target-language.

Translation is written or oral communication of the source-language to the target-language, which is performed by <em<translators< em=””>,interpreters and sometimes even electronic tools. It can be free or literal. It is necessary to point out that translation is extremely demanding and complex, since the translator, with an excellent knowledge of the language, is required to be familiar with the culture of the determined language, as well as to possess general knowledge in different areas related to the translation.

Translation is the final result of a process that implies the translation of the meaning of the text (source or target) and a further production of a new text, which corresponds entirely to the original text, in another language (target-language). The term “translation” indicates not only the act of translating, but also the translated text, which is the result of said activity. The person who translates is the called translator. His/her task is to keep the meaning and style of the original text as much as possible.

A court interpreter is a translator authorized by a competent institution. In Croatia court interpreters are authorized by the County – Commercial Court. The term “translation” often implies a written translation, i.e. a text written in one language, translated into another. Together with written and oral translations, there are also different types of translation, as follows:

  • Certified translation
  • Non-certified translation
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Consecutive translation


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