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Organization of the text to make it stylistically and linguistically correct

Proofreading includes three steps to be made in order to organize the style and grammar of your text.

Proofreading is a spelling and linguistic correction and organization of the original, written text, as well as the adaptation of the text to make it idiomatically correct in the target language, and giving advice to the author on how to improve his/her text.

Editing includes the correction of grammatical and spelling errors, style improvement and corrections of text accuracy.

Correction includes the revision of errors in printing, typing errors and punctuation errors. Punctuation marks are symbols that indicate the structure and division of sentences and parts of sentences and which provide a better understanding of the text and the messages directed to the readers.

Proofreading therefore, includes morphology and syntax, correction of word selection, improvement of text style, clarity and legibility of the text. In linguistics, morphology studies types of words and their forms, while syntax studies the part of grammar regarding the principles and processes by which sentences are constructed. Simply, proofreading is what shallmake your text perfect in language and style, of course, provided that the text is proofread by a person qualified, expert and experienced in that field.

Why should you hire an expert proof-reader of Ad Acta prijevodi?

Scientific research have proven that it is extremely difficult to correct your own text. It is difficult to find errors or vagueness in written texts, which you wrote. That is what we are here for. In our company, texts are proofread exclusively by native speakers of the language in which your text is written. Our proof-readers shall correct all errors and organize the style and language of your text. Ad Acta prijevodi d.o.o. offers proof-reading of all types of texts in any of our 16 languages – in <em<croatian< em=””>and in 15 foreign languages.

Ad Acta prijevodi proofreading

Ad Acta prijevodi offer proofreading of all types of texts, documents and files, such as:

  • Web sites
  • Files, documents
  • Theses
  • Texts in foreign languages
  • etc.


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