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Court Interpreter

A translator authorized by a competent institution

About Court Interpreters

A court interpreter is a translator authorized by a competent institution. In Croatia court interpreters are authorized by the County – Commercial Court. In order to become an authorized court interpreter, the translator is required to fulfil the conditions established by the Ordinance on Permanent Court Interpreters.

A court interpreter translates all types of documents from a foreign language, for which he/she is authorized to Croatian and vice versa. It is also possible for him/her to translate from a foreign language to another foreign language, for which he/she is authorized. The translation is certified with his/her stamp and signature, thereby guaranteeing the authenticity of the translation. The certified translation is bound with the original document or copy of the original text


Working Terms and Conditions of Ad Acta Court Interpreters

The goal of the court interpreter is to translate a document, which entirely corresponds to the original text in content, style and terminology. Therefore, the approach to the translation is systematic, with a lot of effort and care.

The process starts with the request sent by a client, according to which a precise quote is made. In order to present a detailed quote, the document to be translated has to be enclosed to the request. The received document is carefully analyzed and, if necessary, we contact the client in order to maintain coherence in content, style and terminology with the original text. In that case, sometimes it is necessary to make a glossary, which contains expert terminology found in the original text. After the translation, the text is proofread, i.e. all spelling and grammar errors are corrected, and is idiomatically adapted. We wish to point out that, in this case, another translator – court interpreter performs the proofreading. In fact, as research has shown, it is extremely difficult to control a text that you have written yourself. For that reason, another translator, which has not translated said text, shall proofread it in order to ensure it is correct stylistically and linguistically. After proofreading, the text is ready to be delivered.

Translation Deadlines

Deadlines for translations depend on the quantity and complexity of the text the court interpreter is translating. According to the regular tariff, a court interpreter can translate 4 custom pages from Croatian to a foreign language, and 6 custom pages from a foreign language to Croatian in one business day. One custom page corresponds to 1500 characters without spaces.


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